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We Work with Our Network Partners

The quality of my work and the service I deliver to clients I work with is of the upmost importance to me. When an issue goes beyond my expertise or a project requires a blend of experience I will be transparent and open about how best to manage and deliver a specific engagement.

I am fortunate to have built a network of outstanding and highly qualified professionals over my career. My network is made up of people I trust and respect and who place the interests of the client at the heart of their professional practice.

Within my wider network, I am proud to be involved with two professional groups:

Eightwell is a coalition of independent consultants, each of who has held senior executive roles at major global or European organisations. The network provides clients embarking on large and international assignments access to a talent pool of highly experienced consultants tailored to meet the specific needs of a complex engagement.

Heresy is a cutting edge leadership and talent development consultancy that combines business experience with psychology to understand both how business work and how people develop.