How We Work

A Client Focused, Results Orientated Approach

Values and Principles

Our approach to every engagement is value based. Our focus is always to help clients work more effectively both by helping individuals take control of their roles and careers and groups and work more effectively together. All work begins and ends with the client and is based on four key values:



Challenge & honesty

Safe space

Team and Group Consulting

Teams and groups are the heartbeat of organisations. When they work well, they drive the organisation forward but when they fracture or fight they destroy value and shatter moral. Since 2008, focus on financial survival in an uncertain world has put enormous pressure on team and group dynamics. Every project has its own complexities; by combining extensive consulting experience with sensitivity to a group’s unique blend of personalities and pressures, we design support and interventions that genuinely address the real issues at play. To ensure that we design and deliver optimal outcomes, we not not use rigid frameworks or a single school of thought but select the most appropriate tools to deliver real change.

Enabling Change in Groups and Organisations

The most successful organizations, over the long term, consistently focus on “enabling” things (leadership, purpose, employee motivation) whose immediate benefits aren’t always so obvious*. However, the financial crisis has switched the focus of many leaders back to short term objectives at the expense of long term change. In the desire for short-term survival, some teams and groups have lost their “enabling” mindsets. This matters because short term focus can accidently lead to resistance to very necessary and desirable change.

Over the past 25 years I have successfully built and worked with numerous teams across disciplines and cultures. I know from experience that mentoring and coaching individuals within the wider group context can massively improve efficiency and create a work environment where individuals are collectively greater than the sum of their parts.


  • Do you have a culture of trust in your team?
  • Do your team members respect or tolerate each other?
  • Is everyone pulling towards a common goal or are there different agendas at work?
  • Does your team know how to listen to clients and each other?
  • Do you know the real strengths & weaknesses of your top performers?
  • Can team members enable change or do they wait to be told to act?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then you may find it helpful to have an initial confidential, no-obligation conversation either by telephone or at your offices.

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